900/110 Sheet extruding equipment

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I. Approach movement
Materials feeding – Extruding – Internet transforming – Forming and extruding – A few roller calendering – Cooling and margin cutting – Drawing and winding
II. Primary specialized parameter:
1. Relevant materials: PP. HIPS
two. Sheet measurement: Max. width: 750mm, thickness .25~2mm, Sheet thickness error: ±0.01mm
3. Generation potential: Max. 280kg/h
4. Complete electrical power: about 150KW
III. Part of the equipment device
1. SJ110/33 extruder 1 device
two. Hydraulic fast net-transforming machine 1set
3. Pull-code T-die 1 personal computer
4. Vertical 3-roller calender 1 device
5. Cooling and margin cutting machine(with leftover materials winding) 1set
6. Drawing and winding machine 1 established
7. Rocker arm regulate cupboard 1 device
IV. Depth of the equipment device
1. SJ110×33 extruder
(1) Screw dia: Φ110
(two) Ratio of L/D: 33:1
(3)Materials of the screw and its barrel: 38CrMoAlA significant excellent nitrided steel, thickness of nitride layer .4~0.6mm, hardness of floor HV850~920
(4) Heating electrical power of the barrel:42kw, 6 sections
(5) Cooling air blower of the barrel: Product: MDYA-250 .25kw×6units=1.5kw
(6) Max. rotational speed of the screw: ninety six r/min
(7) Equipment reducer: Model:ZLYJ280-12.5-V Vertical significant-strength harden gear floor and bevel gear reducer (GUOMAO)
(eight) Electric power of driving motor: 75kw, 960r/min
(9) Transmission fashion: Motor and the reducer are connected by a coupler to accomplish transmission and controlled by frequency convertor.
two. Plate-sort double station hydraulic fast net-transforming machine
(1) Heating electrical power 220V, 6kw
(two) In entrance of the net, there is a tension sensor.
3. T-die
(1) T-die framework: T-form, cloth-hanger pull-code framework. Die lip out there width 850mm and with block to modify width of sheet.
(two) T-die materials: P20 significant excellent Sizzling-Functioning Die Steels, and processed by quenching and tempering. Area of movement channel within the die cavity is plated by difficult chrome and polished.
(3) Heating electrical power: heated by designed-in heating rod, electrical power 12kw.
(4) Temperature regulate: 5 section regulate.
4. Vertical 3-roller calender
(1) Calendering fashion: Double pressing by worn wheel and worn screw, vertical 3-rollers.
(two) Roller measurement: Φ400×850 mirror roller, 3 pcs.
(3) Roller framework: 3-layer framework. The cooling movement channel adopts cross and convective way. Cooling h2o come in and out via two ends of roller. Area of roller is dealt with by quenching and tempering as very well as IF and hardness reaches HRC52~56.
(4) Roller floor: Plated by difficult chrome. Thickness of plated chrome layer .08~0.10mm. Roughness of mirror floor Ra≤0.05μm
(5) Roller precision: Radius operate-out ≤0.005, Cylindricity≤0.005
(6) Bearing of roller: NSK, Japanbrand.
(7) Motor Electric power: 4kw
(eight) Pace adjustment: Frequency convertor regulate.
(9) Transmissionthree row chain transmission,with cylinder tensioning framework Product of gear reducer: parallel shafts and bevel wheel gear reducer R87-4kw-eighty three.ninety six-M1, 1 uint.
(ten) Length adjustment of rollers: distance of rollers can be modified by the near and open up of worm wheel and worm as very well as wonderful adjustment framework of direct screw and tapered block.
(11) Longitudinal movement: electrical movement and spot machine and operate with reducer and motor. Product of reducer: RV50-100-.18-DE
5. Cooling and margin cutting machine (with margin waste materials Winding)
(1) Auxiliary cooling steel roller φ180×850mm
(two) Aluminium alloy information roller φ60×850mm, 6 sets
(3) Reducing machine: Worm wheel and worn cutting machine 1 established
(4)with margin waste materials Winding 1 established
6. Drawing and winding machine
(1) Guide pressing roller machine, is composed of 1piece of steel roller φ180×850mm and 1 piece of rubber roller.
(two) Driving motor: parallel shafts and bevel wheel gear motor R67-3kw-32.27-M1, chain transmission and frequency convertor speed regulate.
(3) Friction winding machine 1 established.
7. Electrical regulate system
(1) Extruder motor electrical power seventy five kw: controlled by frequency convertor.
(two) Electric power for 3-roller: controlled by 4KW frequency convertor.
(3) Drawing electrical power is regulate by a group of 3kw frequency convertor and can be coupled with 3 rollers
(4) Temperature regulate sections: 6 sections for extruder barrel, 1 section for net-transforming machine, 1 section for transitive movement channel, 5 sections for T-die. Complete 13 sections.
(5) Temperature controller adoptsFUJIcontroller with PID adjustment, which has self memory and anti-jamming purpose. Manage precision ±1O C.
(6) Middle relay, contactor, button change and travel change all adoptChinafamous brand name.
(7) Air change, ammeter, voltmeter, K-sort thermocouple, mutual inductor, transfer change all adopts well known Chinese brand name.

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