bearing tester

Maynard’s M-2021T Bearing Tester is a useful, brief, preventive routine maintenance bearing checking instrument for on-the-location examining and evaluation of the affliction of all the ball and roller bearings. A common verify / checking on bearing affliction to consider, foresee and reveal establishing faults at a incredibly early stage to stay away from any sort of unforeseen manufacturing decline or plant breakdown.

For bearing checking, Bearing tester will give you with the correct details instantaneously any place and at any time. The details which permits effective motion program to make improvements to plant effectiveness, optimize manufacturing and minimize downtime

Microprocessor centered Maynard’s M-2021T Bearing Tester operates on echo (shock) pulse system. Bearing Tester provides a direct evaluation of the bearing working affliction while it is even now working in a basic and uncomplicated to consider shade coded zone problems. Eco-friendly zone for Superior operation affliction, Yellow zone for Minimized working affliction and Pink zone for Undesirable working affliction of the bearing at a brief glance apart from numeric values.

Merchandise Specifications

Post time: Oct-03-2016