Citroen XM TD Vlog: Interior driveshaft joint removing

Citroen vlog update on the internal driveshaft joint
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While replacing each front wheel bearings I seen the nearside (passenger) internal driveshaft boot experienced split, so drained off the ATF and pulled the driveshaft out. Went to remove the internal joint but outer casing wouldn’t pass about the 3 bearings that make up the tripode/spider unit. Ordinarily the outer circumstance will slide off the shaft but on the automatic gearbox driveshaft, there is a pressed steel ‘lip’ that supports the rubber boot. It is this metal lip that restricts the diameter to the position the place the shaft and spider are not able to pass via the outer circumstance. Due to the fact of this, Haynes states the internal joint has to be struck with a hammer and tender metal drift (brass etc). Unfortunately in my illustration, no matter whether by layout or accident the internal joint would not move at all even when shaft held in massive vice on a sound workbench. I experienced to remove the pressed steel boot retainer which authorized outer section to slide off thus allowing for access to the ‘spider/bearing carrier which is a splined match onto the shaft. Working with a push, it took a ton of force to get it to at first change and just less than a ton to move it wholly. No way was that joint coming off with a several hammer blows!
So if you are struggling to remove the internal joint on automatic gearbox equipped Citroen XM’s, now you know…it is a pretty tight interference push match. Not confident if manual gearbox variations are the identical although. Ordinarily the internal joint is held on to the shaft by a circlip or snap-ring. They’re uncomplicated to offer with but this one was ‘challenging’. Thankfully my short-term dislike for XM’s has handed – now that I know what to be expecting.

Quick observe – I described the Sealey bearing removing & installation software. It is a good high-quality merchandise but since of the huge force essential to remove the drivers side front wheel bearing (ten.five tons !) the threaded lengthy bolt wouldn’t deliver ample force to extract the bearing. Possibly smaller bearings or individuals on more recent motor vehicles would change but on the XM,just after 178,000 miles and eighteen yrs, the bearings were being well trapped. Continue to took a day of soaking in Plusgas to support split the rust and grime that properly ‘locks in a wheel bearing.

Post time: Oct-13-2016