CSB Russia Samples Plastic Self-lubricating Bearings 06

www.CSB-Russia.com company provides sales, plastic and metal self-lubricating bearings on the market of Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Belarus. The official representative of the manufacturer. Our company offers its customers the opportunity to learn more about their products and technologies. As the world’s leading manufacturer of self-lubricating bearings, we devoted ourselves to research and production of new materials. Our company was founded in 1995 and has consistently general specialization is the production of plastic and metal bearings with unique properties. Currently, a team of 800 employees. The production includes several objects with a total area of ​​55 thousand square meters. Over the last year a turnover of U.S. $ 62 million. To date, the technology of the company under the protection of 35 years of international patents. Product quality is confirmed by international certificates in ISO. We have successfully developed bearings with lots of different standards and sizes, including metal-polymer composite materials based on self-lubricating materials of metal, plastic and composite connections with winding.

Our range of products – Plastic self-lubricating bearings, plastic metric cylindrical sleeve, plastic metric collar bush, Plastic Metric thrust washers, linear bearing, precision plastic gliding membrane, Linear bearings, plastic bearings, ceramic bearings, bearings and bearings for wound high loads.

Our website in the Internet www.CSB-Russia.com
Phone in Moscow +7 (495) 928-32-08
Mail: info@csb-russia.com
Skype: boss.csb-russia

Post time: Oct-03-2016