Dismounting bearings with simatool Ball Bearing Puller BP61

The internal extractor for bearings

The bearing extractor enables the removal of deep groove ball bearings. The shaft does not have to be eradicated – a major gain.

■ For shaft diameters measuring from 10 to one hundred mm
■ The package features two spindles, 6 sets of puller arms, one counter bracket
■ Compact toolset features a collection table in a handy case

Significant-good quality equipment for mounting and dismounting bearings and seals simatool products and solutions allow the quickly installation and removal of roller bearings and radial shaft seals. All around the globe, they are
efficiently applied in the device sector, routine maintenance workshops and just about all other industries. simatool products and solutions can be applied to speedily, specifically and reliably complete installation and removal operate with no detrimental neighbouring device components.

http://simatec.com/products and solutions/simatool/

Post time: Nov-08-2016