Engage in the “Software Understanding Challenge” handyman quiz recreation – Vol.3

The third version of the “Software Understanding Challenge” featuring 10++ tools from carpentry, home renovations and mechanics. Some pretty unusual tools, just about every described &/or shown.
Transcript presented for the listening to impaired:
Alright so these days on Repairs101 it’s the third version of the Software Understanding Challenge – the place I present you uncommon on the lookout tools and you have 5 seconds to figure out what they are.
So this is a Spark Plug Hole Feeler Gauge.
This 1 is like a putty knife with distinctive capabilities. It has a knife on it, a putty knife, a scraper, a nail puller and its even got a paint roller cleaner on it.
Exhausted of earning a mess when you top up your oil or other fluids? At 5 dollars these factors spend for them selves the first time you use them.
Use this gadget when you need to have to fish a wire by a wall or a flooring or the bulkheads on your boat.
Whoops Okay it’s a whole lot a lot easier to see what this is when you orient it accurately.
Built like a hypodermic syringe, a grease needle is employed to deliver lubricant into tiny spaces, like in a roller bearing.
These Swift Wedge Screwdrivers are superb for driving screws into difficult to achieve places.
Also known as hole punches and leather punches, the hollow punch is a have to have for gasket earning.
This rig is employed to exam the strain keeping capacity of radiators and cooling methods. This adapter is employed to exam Rad Caps. This 1 is a “Fail”, however. While it pops open at fifteen lbs it doesn’t appear to keep any strain at all.
Use a Thread Pitch Gauge to ascertain what thread is on your fasteners.
Okay this one’s previous faculty. It seems to be like a parrot’s beak to me, but – it’s a nail puller.
Alright inside the clear plastic situation is a gentle-bulb and it’s employed to detect electrical current in the spark plug circuit.
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Post time: Oct-29-2016