Screening Gecko 540 + Keling Steppers + Mach 3 + Surplus Ball Screws

Just testing out some parts for my first CNC router venture. I am arranging on stripping the ball screws and bearing blocks out of these surplus linear drives for use in the venture.

The travel is a Gecko G540 Motion Management Technique with a 48 volt / 7.5 Amp electricity offer managing under Mach 3.

The stepper motors are Keling KL23H2100-35-4B with 381oz of holding torque.

The linear bearings on the drives are rubbish and crunchy so I will be working with new aged stock two x NSK Linear rails with dual carriages for all 3 axis. A complete of 4 carriages and two rails for each axis

The more time screw in the video clip will be for the Y axis and has about twenty inches of travel at 5mm/rev.
The stepper motor without the need of a screw is for the X axis which will at some point be a 36 inch very long ball screw when I can obtain a person.
The ball screw in the square linear travel block will be for the Z and has about 5 inches of travel and you can seriously listen to the linear bearings in that crunching when it truly is managing.

The ball screws operate efficiently even with the problem of the linear bearings. I have a third linear travel device but it truly is far too compact for my demands so I didn’t trouble setting it up for testing.

Post time: Nov-10-2016