SureGear Servo Gearboxes from – AutomationDirect’s new SureGear PGA collection of large-precision servo gear reducers is an superb alternative for purposes demanding precision and dependability.

Provided in a concentric shaft style with a highest five arc-min backlash ranking, the SureGear PGA collection is an precise, large-effectiveness, and price-efficient solution for purposes these types of as gantries, injection-molding equipment, conveyors, and extra.

The in-line planetary gear reducers are readily available in four gear ratios (5, 10, 15, twenty five:one) and element thread-in mounting with sector-normal mounting proportions. Additional options involve helical-lower planetary gears for peaceful operation and decreased vibration, and uncaged needle roller bearings deliver large rigidity and torque. Mountable in any way, the PGA collection is routine maintenance-totally free with no need to have to switch the grease for the life of the unit. For extra info on the SureGear PGA collection servo gearboxes, visit:


Associated element figures: PGA070-05A2, PGA070-05A3, PGA070-10A1, PGA070-10A2, PGA070-15A1, PGA070-15A2, PGA070-25A1, PGA070-25A2, PGA090-05A4, PGA090-05A5, PGA090-10A3, PGA090-10A4, PGA090-10A5, PGA090-15A3, PGA090-25A3, PGA120-05A6, PGA120-10A6, PGA120-15A4, PGA120-15A5, PGA120-25A4, PGA120-25A5, PGA155-10A6, PGA155-15A6, PGA155-25A6

Post time: Nov-22-2016