Panelai Replica Watches For Women

Every man who buys a watch to give his girlfriend is a little bit cautious. For example, someone will ask me: I want to buy a watch for his wife, and at the same time I can wear it secretly.
The first choice I gave at the time was Panerai replica watches, because for men with multiple watches, there will be one or two models with distinctive styles. As for girls, there are too many traditional watches, but they are cool. It's hard to find cool feelings. Today, I will help girls find the Panerai replica watches that suits them.

In fact, our understanding of Panerai has always been biased (including myself), and we always feel that only 38mm is suitable for girls. This PAM1045 belongs to the Luminor Due series and has a size of 38 mm. It is also the first panerai replica watch I will introduce to the lady today. Until by chance, I met a girl with a height of 160 cm. She was surprisingly good-looking (and extraordinarily handsome) wearing a 42 mm Panerai. This completely broke the limit I set before and began to re-examine this Strange brand. The large size best sea-dweller replica , I have seen a lady with a height of 170cm wear it, quite domineering

However, before recommending lady panerai replica watches to everyone, it is still necessary to rationalize the Panerai series classification, so that many newcomers come in and get black eyes. Indeed, Panerai's looks are similar, which is still a bit of a test. Panerai has a total of 4 series after simplification. Except for the Submersible series (the diving watch has stronger attributes and professionalism), the other three are-Radiomir without the crown and bridge, and Luminor with the crown and bridge. And Luminor Due. The Luminor and Luminor Due both have a crown to protect the bridge, but the Luminor Due design is lighter and thinner, and girls can easily control it (the smallest Panerai of 38 mm is in this series).

Girls may not care about the movement, but the P.900 movement is still worth mentioning-one of the thinnest automatic movements developed by the Panerai Neuch√Ętel Manufacture, with a 72-hour power reserve. In addition, there is a quick release strap system to protect the body, and various color straps can be replaced at will, which completely meets the matching preferences of women.

No matter how you wear it, a panerai replica watch can always brighten the whole body. But compared to the traditional choice, the Panerai on the girl's wrist is more like a distinctive symbol, which can convey too much information-independent personality, full of enthusiasm and tension. For example, these two 42mm watches belong to Luminor Due and are also made of Goldtech red gold-girls can wear gold models to enhance their sense of sophistication.
Panelai Replica Watches For Women

In addition to the dazzling luminous expressiveness, Panerai has been immersed in the research and development of special materials in the past few years, Laboratorio di Idee can be described as infinitely bold. Therefore, this watch weighing only 96 grams appeared. Although 44mm looks like the size limit for girls, it happens to be light enough and there is no pressure to wear it.

In my opinion, Panerai is completely better than style for girls.

1. Because of the shell design, it is not very large, even if it is slightly larger, it is as fashionable as we wear oversize clothes-loose and fat traditional formal wear is rare after all, but sports clothes have a much wider size limit and are quite stylish The same is true for watches.
2. Few women's watches showcasing sports style on the market, and Panerai is at the forefront of styles that can be recognized at a glance.
So why many traditional watches are large in size and seem to be stolen when worn, but Panerai always seems to be able to integrate with everyone-we can enjoy the freedom of publicity without scruples.
The trend will dissipate, but the style will not.

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